Selected pictures from my Instagram account

Memento mori
Reminiscenze + Shimamoto .
Empathy for having the same destiny of their owners - #Versailles
Imperia, Italy
Empathy for a useless path
Empathy for an attempted camouflage
Empathy for the lonleyness of a lost luggage
Quite apocalypse now
Taking new datum points part.1
Empathy for deconstructed textures #Genova
Empathy for a shirt that doesn't want to leave
Surreal train on Liguria coast. Last stop before going back to Paris
ciao é stato bello #skrwt
Did we need another #Pantheon's picture? Yes.
Genova, piazza S. Matteo
#toureiffel #eiffel #paris
Waiting for the apocalypse drinkin' coffie
Homeland #2